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Fun topics to research during spare time?

Hey everyone, I'm looking for some academic or interesting topics to dive into during my spare time! Do any of you have suggestions for fun, informative topics I can research that might even help me with college applications?

7 months ago

Hey there! It's great that you're looking to explore new topics during your spare time. When it comes to finding something both enjoyable and potentially beneficial for college applications, consider exploring interdisciplinary subjects that merge your current interests with new areas you've been curious about.

For example, if you enjoy both history and computer science, you could delve into the history of technology and look at how technological advances have shaped societies over time.

Another idea is to explore a topic related to your intended major or career field; this can demonstrate intellectual curiosity and a genuine passion for the subject. If you're interested in environmental studies, check out the latest advancements in sustainable technology or the impacts of climate change on various ecosystems.

Additionally, researching contemporary social issues or global trends can be both fascinating and helpful for developing a well-rounded understanding of the world around you. This knowledge might come in handy for essays or discussions during college interviews as well.

Remember to keep an open mind and enjoy the learning process. Happy researching!

7 months ago

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