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UNC Short Answer Questions Advice?

Hey guys, so I'm working on my UNC application and I'm kinda stuck on the short answer questions. What are some strategies to make my responses stand out and really showcase my personality?

7 months ago

Hey there! It's great that you're working on your UNC application and want to make your short answer responses stand out. I'll share a few tips that may help you showcase your unique personality.

1. Be authentic – Don't try to fit what you think the admissions committee expects. Write from your heart and let your true self come through.

2. Show, don't tell – Instead of simply stating your qualities, use examples, anecdotes, or experiences to illustrate who you are. If you want to express your leadership skills, share a story about a time you made a significant impact in a team or organization.

3. Be concise – Short answer questions often have a limited word count, so make every word count. Focus on the most important details and avoid fluff or unnecessary elaboration.

4. Take your time – Give yourself lots of time to brainstorm, write and revise. Don't try to complete your short answers in one go. Set them aside and come back to them later with a fresh mind.

5. Get a second opinion – Ask someone you trust, such as a teacher, counselor, or friend to read your responses and give feedback. Their perspective can help you identify any blind spots or areas for improvement.

Remember, the purpose of these questions is to learn more about who you are as a person, your values, and the qualities that make you unique. Focus on showcasing these aspects in your responses, and you'll be on the right track. Good luck with your application!

7 months ago

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