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SAT registration for homeschooled students?

Hey, I'm a homeschooled student and was wondering how to register for the SAT. Is the process any different for us compared to regular high school students? Thanks!

7 months ago

Hi there! The registration process for the SAT is essentially the same for homeschooled students as it is for students attending traditional high schools. You'll need to create an account on the College Board website and provide the necessary information, like your address and date of birth.

When you're prompted to enter a high school code during registration, homeschooled students usually use '970000' or '000003'. It's best to check with the College Board to confirm which code applies to you, as it might vary based on your location. Once you've entered the appropriate homeschool code, proceed through the registration process as you normally would, selecting a test date, testing location, and answering any additional questions.

After completing registration and paying the required fees, you'll receive a confirmation email with important details regarding your test day. Make sure to review this information carefully and reach out to the College Board if you have any concerns. Good luck on the SAT!

7 months ago

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