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Writing a strong scholarship recommendation letter

Hi all! My teacher asked me to provide some guidance on what she should include in a scholarship recommendation letter for me. What makes a letter really stand out, and what should she focus on to make it convincing? Your advice would be really helpful!

7 months ago

A well-written scholarship recommendation letter can make a significant difference in your chances of receiving the scholarship. To make sure the letter stands out and effectively highlights your strengths, your teacher should consider including the following elements:

1. Specific examples of your achievements: A convincing letter doesn't just provide general compliments, but offers concrete examples of your accomplishments in the classroom, extracurricular activities, or community service. Encourage your teacher to mention projects or assignments where you excelled, or instances where you demonstrated exceptional leadership or teamwork.

2. Personal anecdotes: Personal stories can help paint a vivid picture of your character and make your recommendation more memorable. Encourage your teacher to share anecdotes that demonstrate qualities such as your work ethic, determination, creativity, or kindness.

3. Context and comparison: Your teacher can elevate the impact of your accomplishments by putting them into context and comparing you to your peers. For example, they might mention how your performance on a project ranked among the best they have seen in their years of teaching.

4. Connection to scholarship criteria: It's important that your teacher connects your strengths and accomplishments with the specific criteria of the scholarship. This will help show the scholarship committee why you're a suitable candidate for the award.

Don't forget to send your teacher a list of your extracurricular activities, community service, achievements, and future goals so they have all the necessary information to write a compelling letter. Best of luck!

7 months ago

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