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Getting involved in Student Council?

Hey! I want to join my school's student council, but I'm not sure how to get started or how to be more involved once I'm in. Can anyone share experiences or tips on making the most of being a student council member? Gracias!

7 months ago

Hey there! It's great that you're interested in joining your school's student council. To get started, reach out to a current member or your student council advisor to learn about the application process, which may involve an election or an interview. Make sure you're aware of any deadlines and requirements before diving in.

Once you become a member, don't be afraid to take initiative and volunteer for various roles. Engage in projects and activities that genuinely interest you and where you think you can make a difference.

Be open to collaborating with your peers and listen to their ideas as well. Building strong relationships with fellow council members and school staff can go a long way in creating a successful and positive experience.

Lastly, stay organized and manage your time effectively—you don't want your involvement in student council to negatively impact your ability to invest in your other commitments, especially your classes. Balancing schoolwork, student council responsibilities, and other extracurriculars can be challenging, but it's a valuable skill to develop. Remember why you joined in the first place and use that motivation to make the most of your time on the council.

Best of luck with your student council journey!

7 months ago

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