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What's the AP Calc AB test format?

Hey everyone! I'm planning to take the AP Calc AB exam this year, and I'm wondering what the test format is like. Can anyone give me an overview? Thanks in advance!

7 months ago

Hey there! The AP Calc AB exam is divided into two parts: multiple-choice and free-response. The multiple-choice section has 30 questions, and you'll have 60 minutes to complete it. This section is worth 50% of your total score. The free-response section consists of 6 problems, and you have 90 minutes to complete it. Just like the multiple-choice section, it's also worth 50% of your total score.

Both sections will cover a range of topics, and the free-response problems will require you to present your solution in an organized way, with justification when needed. So, it's essential to have a strong overall foundation with calculus concepts, techniques, and applications before taking the exam.

Best of luck with your preparation!

7 months ago

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