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Scholarships for Muslim students?

Hi there! I'm a Muslim student looking for scholarship opportunities that might cater specifically to Muslim high school students. Anybody know any organizations or programs that offer such scholarships? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

7 months ago

Hi! There are several organizations and programs that provide scholarships to Muslim students. Some of these include the Islamic Scholarship Fund (ISF), Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) scholarships, and the Muslim Women's Association (MWA) scholarships. You can explore their websites to find eligibility criteria, application details, and deadlines.

Don't forget to also explore general scholarships offered by colleges you're applying to, as well as local and regional scholarship sources. While they may not be for only Muslim students, some of them may be looking for students who can offer diverse perspectives, or have been highly involved in their communities, and you might be able to craft a strong application based on your experiences as a Muslim.

Finally, remember to fill out the FAFSA (and any additional required paperwork, like the CSS profile) for need-based financial aid opportunities as well! Best of luck in your scholarship search!

7 months ago

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