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Ways to tackle ACT test anxiety?

Hey everyone! I'm getting really anxious about my upcoming ACT, and I'm worried it's going to affect my performance. Do you have any effective strategies for overcoming test anxiety? What has worked for you?

7 months ago

Hello! I can definitely understand feeling anxious about upcoming standardized tests like the ACT. It's important to remember that many students experience test anxiety, so you're not abnormal or less intelligent than anyone else, and that there are some strategies that may help. Here are a few techniques you can try:

1. Remember your studying: Rather than focusing on hypothetical situations like being presented with something you've never seen before, focus on all the time and energy you've spent ensuring that such a situation doesn't come to pass.

2. Take a practice test: You've probably done this already, but mimicking the real testing environment as closely as possible can help give you confident that you're ready for the big day.

3. Breathing exercises: Deep, slow breaths before and during the test may help to calm nerves and increase focus.

4. Visualize success: Imagine yourself doing well on the test, which can create a positive mindset and reduce anxiety.

5. Sleep and nutrition: Ensure you get plenty of sleep and eat well leading up to the test day, since this will ensure your body and mind are well-prepared.

Good luck with your preparations and remember that you're not alone in feeling anxious!

7 months ago

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