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Best Journalism Camps for High School Students

Hey everyone! I'm super passionate about journalism and I want to improve my skills in the field. Could you guys recommend some journalism camps or programs for high school students to attend during the summer? Thanks in advance!

7 months ago

Hey there! It's awesome that you're passionate about journalism and looking to enhance your skills. There are several reputable journalism camps and programs available for high school students.

One well-known option is the Medill-Northwestern Journalism Institute (also known as the Cherubs program). This five-week program at Northwestern University focuses on various aspects of journalism, providing hands-on experience in writing, editing, and multimedia storytelling.

Another great program is the Columbia Scholastic Press Association's (CSPA) Summer Journalism Workshop at Columbia University. This week-long program offers courses on reporting, editing, design, and other aspects of journalism in print and online.

NYU's Summer High School Journalism Experience is a two-week program where students get to report from New York City while learning from experienced journalists and visiting major media outlets.

Additionally, Boston University's Summer Journalism Institute provides a two-week program for high school students with classes in news writing, broadcast journalism, and investigative reporting.

There are many other summer journalism programs available across the country. Check out this CollegeVine article for more journalism summer programs: https://blog.collegevine.com/high-school-journalism-summer-programs

I encourage you to consider factors like location, length, and cost when deciding which program is the best fit for you. Good luck and enjoy your summer exploring journalism!

7 months ago

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