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Catchy Persuasive Speech Topics?

So, I have to give a persuasive speech for my English class and I need a killer topic. Any suggestions for interesting and engaging topics that'll really get people's attention? Thanks, y'all!

7 months ago

Hey there! Coming up with an engaging topic for a persuasive speech can be challenging, but I've got a few suggestions for you. Here are some ideas to consider:

1. Do social media platforms negatively impact mental health?

2. Is a college education always worth the cost?

3. Should the voting age be lowered or raised?

4. Is space exploration worth the investment?

5. Should countries do more to mitigate climate change?

These topics cover a variety of subjects, and they're all hot-button issues that have the potential to engage people's attention. When you choose a topic, try to pick something you're genuinely passionate about, as your enthusiasm will come across in your speech. It's also important to make sure you research both sides of the argument so you can counter any opposing points effectively. Good luck, and I hope your speech goes well!

7 months ago

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