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University of Colorado Boulder Transfer Application

Hey, everyone! I'm currently a freshman at a different university, but I'm strongly considering transferring to Boulder. Has anyone gone through the Boulder transfer application process and can give me some insights? Thanks!

7 months ago

Hey! Transferring colleges can be a big decision, so it's important to get as much information as possible about the process. I have a few friends who successfully transferred to Boulder, and they've shared their experiences with me.

From what I've heard, the transfer application process to CU Boulder is quite similar to the general college application process. Make sure to submit the Common Application along with your college transcripts, a personal statement, and recommendation letters. Note that Boulder may have specific deadlines for transfer applicants, so double-check on their website to stay on track.

Your chances of admission as a transfer student can be impacted by factors like your current college GPA, the rigor of the courses you've taken so far, and your extracurricular involvement. My friends who transferred mentioned that CU Boulder admissions were very supportive and communicative during the process. Best of luck with your decision and potential transfer to CU Boulder!

7 months ago

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