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Sentence fragments and run-ons in SAT Writing?

I'm struggling with spotting sentence fragments and run-on sentences in the SAT Writing section. Can you guys recommend any good resources or share some strategies on how to identify them better?

7 months ago

Hey there! I can understand how identifying sentence fragments and run-on sentences can be a bit tricky, but with practice, it'll get easier.

Firstly, try to grasp the basic grammar rules for sentence construction. A complete sentence must have a subject and a verb, and must express a complete thought. If any of these elements are missing, it's probably a sentence fragment. If you have multiple independent clauses (complete sentences) joined without proper punctuation or coordinating conjunctions, then you're dealing with a run-on sentence.

For resources, the College Board website offers some grammar tips along with practice questions tailored for the SAT Writing section. It's always a good idea to practice using official materials, as they closely resemble what you'll encounter on the actual test.

Another useful resource is CollegeVine, which has many free resources, including essay guides and an essay prompt database, to help with overall test preparation.

Additionally, engage in active reading—read articles, essays, and books while focusing on sentence structures. When you come across a well-written piece, try to identify sentence constructions and parse out any punctuation or conjunctions that connect different ideas.

Lastly, practice is key. Keep working through sample SAT Writing sections and focus on identifying fragments and run-ons. Pause, analyze, and reflect after you've answered each question—this'll reinforce your understanding and help you spot them more naturally over time.

Best of luck with your SAT preparation!

7 months ago

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