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Valedictorians - how many in a school?

Is it common for there to be only one valedictorian in a school, or multiple ones depending on the number of students? How is this usually determined? Just curious about the process!

7 months ago

The number of valedictorians at a school can vary depending on the school's specific policies. Some schools might have only one valedictorian, while others may have multiple ones. It really depends on the school's approach to recognizing academic achievements.

Usually, the valedictorian title is awarded to the graduating senior(s) who have the highest cumulative GPA in their class. In cases where multiple students have identical GPAs, the school might recognize them all as co-valedictorians, or they might use other criteria like number of honors and AP classes, or even standardized test scores, to break the tie.

It's worth noting that some schools have moved away from using the traditional class ranking system, instead opting for a more inclusive method that recognizes the achievements of many top-performing students, such as Latin honors (summa cum laude, magna cum laude, and cum laude).

To find out how your school identifies valedictorians, it is best to check with your school counselor or administration. I hope that helps!

7 months ago

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