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What is senioritis?

I've heard upperclassmen mentioning 'senioritis' a lot. What is it really? Is it just a term for being stressed out or feeling unproductive in senior year?

7 months ago

Senioritis is a term often used to describe the decrease in motivation and academic effort experienced by some high school seniors during their last year. This typically occurs once students have applied to colleges, know where they'll be attending, or have a general sense of their plans after graduation. It's like an unofficial transition phase between high school and the next stage of life.

It's not just about being stressed out or unproductive, but rather a feeling of being 'done' with high school and wanting to move on to new things. It can result in students letting their grades slip, not engaging as much in class, or skipping school altogether. While it's important to enjoy and cherish your senior year, be cautious of succumbing to senioritis, as colleges still monitor your final year performance and can potentially alter admission decisions if there's a significant decline in your academic performance or conduct.

7 months ago

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