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How can I improve on sequences questions in SAT/ACT math?

I've been struggling a bit with the sequences questions on both SAT and ACT math sections. Any suggestions on how to effectively approach these problems? I'm open to any resources or tips you might have. Thanks!

7 months ago

Hey, I understand that sequences can be a bit tricky on the SAT/ACT math sections. The key is to break the problem into manageable parts and practice until you get more confident. Here's an approach you can try:

1. Identify the type of sequence: arithmetic, geometric, or neither.

2. Understand the key properties of the sequence's type, such as the common difference for arithmetic or the common ratio for geometric, to find other terms in the sequence.

3. Apply these properties to the given problem, looking for patterns or applying formulas as needed.

For practice resources, CollegeVine has many free resources, including a chancing engine, school list builder, peer essay review, and essay guides, as well as resources for practicing math problems. You can also check out Khan Academy for practice questions specifically tailored to SAT/ACT math sections.

7 months ago

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