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Math Camp Summer Recommendations?

I'm a junior looking to attend an awesome math camp in the summer of 2024. Any recommendations? I'm looking for a camp that's both challenging and fun. Bonus points if it's well-known in the math community.

7 months ago

It's terrific that you're interested in attending a math camp to further develop your skills! I have a few well-regarded options for you to look into.

The first one is MathPath, which is designed for middle school students who excel in math. It focuses on problem-solving, exploration, and communication in math. The program is intensive, offering courses such as Combinatorics, Number Theory, and Projective Geometry.

Secondly, consider the Ross Mathematics Program. This program is highly respected and centers around the study of Number Theory for six weeks. With an emphasis on collaboration, you'll work on challenging problem sets alongside like-minded peers.

Lastly, look into the Canada/USA Mathcamp. This camp is widely known for its blend of stimulating math workshops, challenging problem-solving sessions, and fun activities with fellow attendees. Students explore a range of mathematical topics with faculty members from top universities.

Each of these options offers something unique, so I'd suggest researching them further to see which one is the best fit for your interests and goals. Have a great time, and enjoy your summer immersed in math!

7 months ago

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