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Sending AP scores for free?

What's up everyone! I heard you can actually send some AP scores to colleges for free. How does this work? Is there a specific deadline or any limitations I should be aware of?

7 months ago

Hey there! You're right, the College Board allows you to send one free AP score report to a college of your choice. During the AP exam registration process, you'll have the option to select the college you want to send your free score report to. Make sure to enter the correct college code, which you can find on the College Board website.

The catch is that you can only send your free report during registration, which typically occurs a couple of months before the AP exams. Once you register and designate your free score recipient, the report will include scores from all your AP exams you've taken before, as well as those you're planning to take that year.

Remember, though, that AP scores don't play a massive role in admissions, and most colleges allow self-reporting of your AP scores on the application itself. So, sending your scores early might not have a significant impact on your admission decision. Good luck on your exams and college application journey!

7 months ago

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