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SOHCAHTOA calculator for trigonometry problems?

Hey everyone! I've been studying trigonometry and frequently use the SOHCAHTOA method to solve problems. Is there a reliable online calculator or tool that could help me check my answers for these types of questions?

7 months ago

Hey! I'm glad to hear you're working on trigonometry problems, and SOHCAHTOA is definitely a useful strategy for solving these types of questions. There are quite a few online tools to help you calculate and check your answers. Two popular resources are Desmos (desmos.com) and Wolfram Alpha (wolframalpha.com). Desmos is more of a graphing calculator and Wolfram Alpha tends to act as a computational search engine, but both can be used to check trigonometric problems.

Another suggestion is to use a free app like GeoGebra (geogebra.org), which offers multiple calculator tools like a graphing calculator, geometry tools, and a CAS (computer algebra system) calculator, all available to help you verify your trigonometry solutions. Good luck and happy calculating!

7 months ago

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