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When do April ACT scores come out?

I took the ACT in April and can't wait to see my scores! Does anybody know when the scores for the April ACT are typically released? Just counting down the days!

7 months ago

Hey there! I can imagine how eager you must be to get your ACT scores back. Generally, ACT scores for the April test date are released about 10 days after the exam, but it could take up to two weeks for all scores to become available. Keep an eye on your ACT account around that time frame.

Also, make sure all your contact information, including your email address, is up to date in your ACT account so that you receive any notifications as soon as they're sent out.

Please note that the writing portion scores usually take a bit longer, around two extra weeks. Every test is different, and sometimes the release dates can vary slightly. Stay patient and keep checking your account. Good luck, and I hope you did well!

7 months ago

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