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Senior year math classes: what's the norm?

Hi, I'm a junior planning out my senior schedule and I was wondering what math classes are typically taken during senior year? I've already taken Pre-Calc, is it normal for seniors to take Calculus or are there other options you'd recommend? Thanks!

7 months ago

Hey there! It's great that you're planning your senior schedule. Many students who have already taken Pre-Calc do indeed move on to Calculus during their senior year. Taking Calculus can be advantageous, especially if you plan on pursuing a major in the sciences, engineering, or any math-heavy field in college.

However, there are other options as well, such as Statistics or AP Statistics if your school offers it. This can be a good choice if you're more interested in social sciences or business, as it teaches important data analysis skills.

Ultimately, I'd recommend exploring the course offerings at your school and considering how each class aligns with your future plans and interests. Don't hesitate to reach out to your guidance counselor or teachers for advice too! Good luck with your scheduling!

7 months ago

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