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Difficulty of AP Comp Sci Principles?

I'm considering taking AP Computer Science Principles next year. How easy or difficult have you found the class? What's the workload like, and would you recommend it?

7 months ago

AP Computer Science Principles is generally considered to be on the easier side when it comes to AP classes. It's an introductory course that doesn't require previous programming experience. The class covers topics like basic programming concepts, algorithms, and computing systems. The workload will vary depending on your school and teacher, but it usually consists of quizzes, homework assignments, projects, and tests throughout the year.

As for the AP exam, there are two main components: a multiple-choice section and the creation of a digital portfolio, which is to be submitted before exam day. This portfolio will consist of a programming project you complete during the course and a written response to questions about it. Overall, the exam is considered to be not too difficult for students who engage with the class material.

I'd recommend taking this class if you're interested in computer science or just curious to explore the field. It's a great way to get a feel for programming and gain valuable exposure to computing concepts without being overwhelming. Plus, the course might even allow you to earn college credits depending on your exam score and college of choice.

7 months ago

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