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Is AP Psychology considered a science class?

Hey guys, I'm planning out my courses for next year and I'm curious, is AP Psychology considered a science class? If not, how does it compare to other science courses in terms of content and difficulty? Thanks for the help!

7 months ago

Hello! AP Psychology is categorized as a social science class, rather than a physical or life science. While some topics like neuroscience and research methods have a scientific basis, it's not in the same realm as classes like AP Biology or AP Chemistry.

In terms of content, you'll find AP Psychology to be more theoretical and application-based, as it covers various psychological theories, famous experiments, and different psychological approaches, rather than memorization of particular chemical processes, biological cells, physics equations, and so on.

As for difficulty, it's generally considered less demanding compared to other AP science courses. However, difficulty can vary depending on your interests, abilities, and the teacher—some students may find the more interdisciplinary, broader nature of AP Psych to be challenging.

Overall, it's a great class if you're curious about psychology and want to explore it as a subject, but if your goal is to fulfill a pure science requirement, you might want to consider taking a life or physical science class instead. Hope this helps!

7 months ago

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