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Taking Independent Study Classes in HS

Hey there! I'm considering taking an independent study class at my high school, but I'm not exactly sure how it works. Could anyone who's taken one share their experiences and insights? How do I ensure it benefits me in the long run?

7 months ago

Hey! Independent study classes can be a great opportunity to explore a subject you're passionate about and cater to your individual interests. It can also be excellent preparation for college-level coursework, which will give you more freedom to explore the topics that most interest you.

First of all, independent study classes usually involve working closely with a teacher or faculty advisor who guides you through the learning process. You and your advisor will collaborate on setting goals, choosing topics, and identifying resources for self-study. Communicate with your advisor regularly and make sure they understand your interests and goals for the class.

It's essential that you stay organized and disciplined, as independent study classes often require more self-motivation than traditional classes. Create a schedule for yourself, set deadlines, and stick to them. Seek out additional knowledge beyond what you've already learned through your school's standard curriculum, to broaden your understanding of the topic. You might even consider connecting with experts in your chosen field for advice, guidance, or mentorship.

To ensure your independent study benefits you in the long run, find ways to apply your knowledge and demonstrate your dedication to the subject. This could include writing an in-depth research paper, developing a project, or participating in relevant activities or competitions outside of school. Showing initiative and passion for the topic will not only help you deepen your understanding but also impress colleges during the admissions process.

Ultimately, the success of your independent study experience will depend on your commitment and motivation. Make the most of the opportunity by exploring your interests, staying organized, and seeking out additional resources and guidance. Best of luck!

7 months ago

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