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Help with National Merit Scholarship

Hi, does anyone know the process of qualifying and winning a National Merit Scholarship? I scored pretty high on my PSAT and I think I might have a shot at it. Can anyone share their experiences, any preparation tips, or any other advice related to the National Merit Scholarship? Thanks in advance!

7 months ago

Congratulations on your high PSAT score! Here's an overview of the National Merit Scholarship Program and how to qualify for the scholarship.

1. Taking the PSAT: The starting point is taking the PSAT/NMSQT during your junior year of high school. Good job on this step!

2. Score above the selection index: Based on your score, you will need to meet or exceed the specified selection index score set by your state. The selection index varies from state to state and changes each year, but usually hovers around 210-222.

3. Become a Semifinalist: If your score is above the selection index, you will be notified through your school that you've become a National Merit Semifinalist. Roughly 16,000 students are named Semifinalists.

4. Application for Finalist: To move from Semifinalist to Finalist, you will need to submit an application including your academic record, extracurricular activities, leadership positions, employment, and a short essay.

5. SAT Confirmation: You also need to take the SAT and achieve a score that confirms your PSAT performance.

6. Finalist selection: If your SAT score aligns with your PSAT score and your application is strong, you may become one of the 15,000 National Merit Finalists.

7. Scholarship winner: From the pool of Finalists, around 7,500 students are chosen as National Merit Scholarship winners based on their application and overall profile.

For preparation tips, consider practicing with official College Board materials, work on your weaknesses, and maintain a steady study plan leading up to the test.

Hope this overview helps and wishing you all the best in pursuing the National Merit Scholarship!

7 months ago

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