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What to know about self-reporting test scores?

Hey guys, I'm a little bit stressed about whether or not I should self-report my test scores when applying to colleges. What are your thoughts on self-reporting scores? What scenarios would it be beneficial, and in what situations should I avoid doing so?

7 months ago

Hey there! It's completely normal to feel stressed about every detail in the college application process. Self-reporting test scores is an option that many colleges now offer and it can be beneficial for you in certain situations.

Generally, self-reporting scores is a good idea, especially if the tests are expensive to send directly from the testing agency. By self-reporting, you can save money on sending official score reports. Additionally, reporting your scores yourself gives you the opportunity to choose which scores to report, allowing you to present your best test results to the college.

That being said, you should only self-report your test scores if the college explicitly allows self-reporting on their application. If they don't permit self-reporting, you'll have to request official score reports from the testing agency.

It's important to note that if you're accepted and decide to attend a college where you self-reported your scores, you'll need to send the official score reports to confirm your self-reported scores. If there's a discrepancy between your self-reported scores and the official scores, it could jeopardize your admission.

In summary, self-reporting scores can be beneficial in saving money and controlling which scores are reported as long as the college allows it. Just make sure to verify the accuracy of your self-reported scores and follow the college's requirements.

7 months ago

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