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How hard is AP History?

Has anyone here taken AP History? I'm looking into taking it but I'm a bit anxious about the workload and difficulty. How do you rate it compared to other AP classes? Is it manageable with a solid work ethic?

7 months ago

Hey there! I completely understand your concerns about AP History. From what I've seen, the difficulty of AP History varies depending on the individual's interest in the subject and their study habits. If you have a passion for history, then it might be more manageable than if you don't find the subject particularly engaging.

In terms of workload, AP History can be demanding, especially with the amount of reading, essay writing, and critical thinking required. That being said, a solid work ethic goes a long way in making the experience more manageable. Comparatively, some students find AP History more challenging or time-consuming than other AP classes, but experiences can differ based on personal preferences and academic strengths.

Overall, if you're interested in the subject and are willing to put in the work, the class can be a rewarding learning experience. Remember, maintaining strong time management skills and seeking help when needed can also prove valuable in conquering the challenges of AP History.

7 months ago

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