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Good PreACT score for a sophomore

Hey guys, I'm a sophomore and I just took the PreACT. What do you think is a good PreACT score for someone in my grade? I want to know how I should prepare for the actual ACT next year. Thanks!

7 months ago

Hey! As a sophomore, a PreACT score in the range of 20-23 is generally considered good. However, it's important to remember that the PreACT is simply a practice test designed to help you understand where you currently stand in terms of the ACT. Your main focus should be on preparing for the actual exam.

To prepare for the ACT, you can use a combination of test prep books, online resources, and practice exams. Don't forget to take advantage of free resources like Khan Academy and CollegeVine. Taking timed practice tests can be particularly helpful in improving your pacing, as well as identifying areas where you need more practice. Additionally, consider setting a target score based on the colleges you are interested in, as it will help you stay motivated and focused on your goal.

Patience and consistency are key to improving your test scores. Regularly practicing and reviewing difficult topics can lead to significant improvements over time. Best of luck with your ACT preparation!

7 months ago

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