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How do I add multiple GPAs together?

Hi all, I attended two different high schools and have two separate GPAs. How do I go about adding them together or reporting them on my college applications? Any advice is much appreciated, thank you!

7 months ago

Hello, to combine your GPAs from two different high schools, you'll want to calculate your cumulative GPA by considering the grades, credits, and course loads from each school. It's essential to keep in mind the grading scales and credit systems from both schools when calculating this. You can find online GPA calculators that may be helpful in this process.

When reporting your GPA on college applications, such as the Common App, you'll typically include your cumulative GPA if it's available on your transcript. If it's not provided, you can enter the GPA from the school you've spent the majority of your time. It's essential to make sure you report any significant differences in academic performance in the 'Additional Information' section, explaining the reasons for the change and the context of the two GPAs. If you have any additional questions, I would point you towards your counselor at your current high school, as they will likely have advice on how to go about reporting your two GPAs. Good luck!

7 months ago

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