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Need help with self-studying AP Courses?

Hello everyone! Junior here wanting to self-study a couple of AP courses. I wanted to ask, do you have any advice on selecting the right courses and resources for self-study? Also, what's the best way to prepare for the exams without the support of a teacher?

7 months ago

It's awesome that you're looking to self-study some AP courses. Choosing the right courses for self-study depends on your interests and strengths. Select courses in subjects you enjoy and feel confident in, that way it will feel like less of a chore to get yourself to study because you will hopefully be engaged with the material. You could also consider AP courses that align with your potential college major or career path so you can hopefully earn college credits if you score well on the test.

When it comes to resources, there are plenty available online. Start with the official College Board website for course descriptions, exam information, and sample questions. You can use resources like CollegeVine for additional guidance. Other useful websites include Khan Academy and AP Classroom. For textbooks, I recommend checking out the ones commonly used in AP classes, such as Princeton Review or Barron's. You can often find them at your local library, secondhand bookstores, or online.

As for preparing without a teacher, your approach to self-study should include a mix of independent reading, note-taking, practice exams, and possibly joining online forums for discussions. Create a study schedule, and stick to it. Treat this course how you would any of your other classes and include it in your daily study plans. Give yourself plenty of time to review, learn new information, and practice. Don't forget to utilize released practice exams and questions from the College Board, as they'll help you get a better feel for the actual AP exams.

Good luck with your self-study journey!

7 months ago

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