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Estimating SAT Score Based on 1170 PSAT

Hi everyone, I scored a 1170 on my PSAT. Does this give me any indication of what my SAT score might be? Should I start preparing more intensively for the SAT based on this result? Thanks in advance!

7 months ago

Hi there! It's nice to see you're considering how your PSAT score relates to your future SAT score. A 1170 on the PSAT does give you a rough idea of where you might fall on the SAT. Generally, students' SAT scores tend to be a bit higher than their PSAT scores. For example, your 1170 on the PSAT could be close to an 1270-90 on the SAT.

Of course, this estimation isn't set in stone, and your actual SAT score might be higher or lower depending on various factors like how much you prepare and how comfortable you are with the test format. I'd suggest using your PSAT score as a baseline to determine areas where you'd like to improve and then starting to practice and prepare for the SAT accordingly.

7 months ago

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