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Any good writing camps for high schoolers?

Hello everyone! I have a strong passion for writing and I'd like to attend a writing camp this summer. Can anyone recommend any good writing camps or workshops for high school students? Thanks in advance!

7 months ago

Hey there! There are several excellent writing camps and workshops for high school students that you can consider.

1. Interlochen Arts Camp: Based in Michigan, Interlochen offers a variety of summer programs including Creative Writing, Novel Writing, and Screenwriting.

2. Iowa Young Writers' Studio: A prestigious two-week program associated with the University of Iowa's highly-acclaimed Creative Writing Program.

3. Kenyon Review Young Writers Workshop: Hosted by Kenyon College in Ohio, this two-week workshop offers an intensive writing experience for motivated high schoolers.

4. The New York State Summer Young Writers Institute: A week-long workshop held in upstate New York, focusing on creative writing in various genres.

Additionally, you may want to explore local college or university offerings, as they often host writing workshops for high school students. Best of luck on your search!

7 months ago

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