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Scoring a 1 on the AP Exam

Hey guys, I'm feeling pretty stressed about a recent AP exam I took. I think I might get a 1, will this affect my college admissions chances? I've been working really hard in my other classes, so this really bums me out.

7 months ago

First of all, I understand how stressful these exams can be, and I'm sorry to hear you're feeling down about your potential score. The important thing to remember is that your AP exam scores aren't as significant in college admissions as your course grades and overall performance.

Admissions officers primarily focus on your performance in the AP courses themselves, valuing your in-class engagement and efforts more highly than a single test score. While it's always beneficial to score well on an exam, one below-average score won't completely ruin your chances. Moreover, your hard work in your other classes will demonstrate your strong academic performance and make up for a less-than-stellar AP score.

Remember, you also don't have to share this score with colleges if you don't opt to send it to schools. So in that case, no one would ever need to know what you got! At the end of the day though, it's only one score. The key is to maintain good grades and show dedication in your classes, which it seems you're already doing. Good luck with everything, and don't worry too much about this one incident.

7 months ago

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