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Best major for a future pharmacist?

Hey guys! I've decided that I want to be a pharmacist, but I'm unsure which major to choose during undergrad. I'm considering Chemistry, Biology, or something else. Any advice from those who have taken this path or know about it would really help!

7 months ago

Hi there! Congratulations on deciding to pursue a career in pharmacy! While I haven't personally embarked on the pharmacy path, I can offer some tips based on what I've seen from my peers. Typically, aspiring pharmacists major in either Chemistry or Biology, as both can provide a strong foundation for pharmacy school. That being said, the best major for you will depend on your personal interests and which subject you feel more comfortable with.

Some colleges offer a specific Pre-Pharmacy or Pharmaceutical Sciences major, which might be worth looking into, as these programs are typically designed to prepare students for pharmacy school. It's also important to research the requirements for the pharmacy schools you're interested in attending, as they may have specific prerequisites you'll need to fulfill during your undergraduate studies.

Regardless of the major you choose, make sure to focus on getting good grades, participating in relevant extracurricular activities, and seeking out internships or research opportunities related to pharmacy. Good luck with your undergrad journey and your future career in pharmacy!

7 months ago

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