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How to get into a competitive BS/MD program?

Hi everyone, I'm interested in applying to a BS/MD program but have heard that they're really competitive. What are some strategies or suggestions to increase the likelihood of getting accepted into one of these programs?

7 months ago

You're right, BS/MD programs can be quite competitive, but with careful preparation and a strong application, you can improve your chances of acceptance. Here are some suggestions to help you stand out:

1. Strong academics: Since these programs are focused on combining an undergraduate degree with medical school, your academic performance is crucial. Maintain a high GPA and take challenging courses, such as honors or AP classes, to demonstrate your ability to handle a rigorous academic schedule.

2. Relevant extracurriculars: Invest time in extracurricular activities related to medicine or healthcare, such as volunteering at a hospital, participating in a research project, or joining a health-focused club. This will show your dedication to the healthcare field.

3. Leadership roles: Pursue leadership positions in the activities you’re involved in. This will demonstrate that you take initiative and have the potential to be a driving force in your field.

4. Medical exposure: Seek out shadowing or internship opportunities with healthcare professionals to gain hands-on experience in medicine. This can provide you with a better understanding of the medical field and show that you're genuinely committed to it.

5. Build strong relationships: Develop relationships with teachers, mentors, and other professionals who can write persuasive letters of recommendation for you. Strong letters from individuals who can speak convincingly about your abilities and motivations can be a compelling part of your application.

6. Write an engaging essay: In your personal statement and supplemental essays, focus on your passion for medicine and your experiences that showcase your commitment, character, and goals. This is an opportunity to give context to your application and share your unique story.

7. Early preparation: BS/MD programs typically have additional requirements and application processes, so start researching the programs you're interested in early to ensure you're meeting deadlines and putting your best foot forward. Good luck!

7 months ago

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