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Joining an SAT summer camp?

Has anyone here participated in an SAT summer camp, and if so, was it worth it? What was your experience like? I want to better prepare for the test but I'm not sure if a summer camp is the way to go.

7 months ago

The general consensus about SAT summer camps is that the experience varies depending on the quality of the camp and the participant's personal learning style. Some people really benefit from the structured environment and focused SAT preparation, while others might find that it becomes too intense over the summer.

You may want to try a few things before committing to a summer camp. First, check if your school offers SAT prep resources, like workbooks or free practice test sessions. Another option is finding online resources, such as Khan Academy or CollegeVine, to help you practice at your own pace. If after trying these resources you feel you still need extra support, an SAT summer camp might be a good choice.

It's important to consider your preferences and priorities when deciding between various SAT preparation options. You should be comfortable with the learning environment and be confident that the camp you choose will cater to your specific needs.

7 months ago

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