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Looking for persuasive speech topics for a school assignment

Hey there! I have to give a persuasive speech for my public speaking class, and I'm having trouble picking a topic. What are some relevant and interesting topics that I can work on? I'd appreciate any ideas!

7 months ago

Hi! Selecting a persuasive speech topic can be a fun process. It's essential to choose a subject that interests you and has room for debate. Here's a list of potential topics for your persuasive speech:

1. Social media's impact on mental health

2. The importance of mental health awareness in schools

3. Climate change and the role of individuals in addressing it

4. Animal rights and the ethics of consuming animal products

5. The impact of technology on education and the future of classrooms

6. The pros and cons of a universal basic income

7. The necessity for increased funding in space exploration

8. The need to invest in renewable energy sources

9. The argument for or against a single-payer healthcare system

10. The reasons behind studying a foreign language in school

11. The role of art education in fostering creativity and academic success

12. The debate on implementing term limits for members of Congress

When choosing your topic, remember to consider its relevance to your audience and how much background knowledge they might have on the subject. Additionally, ensure that there are credible sources available for you to research and reference. Good luck!

7 months ago

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