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Creating a college resume for Northeastern?

I'm planning on applying to Northeastern University and I've heard that they recommend submitting a resume with your application. What tips can you give me for putting together a strong resume that'll impress the admissions officers? Thanks!

7 months ago

Hey there! It's true that Northeastern University encourages submitting a resume with your application, and it can be a helpful way to showcase your experiences effectively. Here are some tips to create a strong resume:

1. Keep it to one page: Admissions officers have limited time, so be concise. Prioritize your most important and relevant experiences.

2. Use a clear format: Make it easy to read with headings (like Education, Extracurricular Activities, Work Experience, etc.), bullet points, and consistent font styles and sizes.

3. Highlight leadership and impact: Show your engagement and the results of your efforts, whether it's leading a club, raising funds for a cause, or improving a process.

4. Quantify achievements: Where possible, provide numbers to illustrate the scope of your involvement, such as 'Organized a charity event raising $2,500 for local food bank.'

5. Customize for Northeastern: Tailor your resume to emphasize experiences and skills that align with Northeastern's priorities like experiential learning, research, entrepreneurship, and global engagement.

Lastly, don't forget to proofread for correct spelling and grammar. Best of luck with your application to Northeastern!

7 months ago

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