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How hard is AP Art?

I've been considering taking AP Art next year as an elective and I'm curious about its difficulty level. Is AP Art hard or time-consuming? What sort of work and commitment can I expect from this class? Any advice or experiences would be great!

7 months ago

AP Art, also known as AP Studio Art or AP Art and Design, can vary in difficulty depending on your experience with art and your workload from other classes. The course itself will require a significant amount of time commitment as you'll be working on creating a portfolio of 15-20 high-quality art pieces to submit for your AP exam at the end of the year. You can expect to spend a couple of hours per week outside of class working on your projects.

The class is generally divided into two main sections: sustained investigation (concentration) and selected works (quality). The sustained investigation portion will involve developing a cohesive body of work focused on a particular theme or idea. On the other hand, the selected works will showcase your skills with a variety of media and techniques.

To succeed in AP Art, it's essential to manage your time effectively, especially if you have a heavy course load in other subjects. It's also helpful to communicate with your teacher for guidance and feedback throughout the process.

Keep in mind that passion and dedication for art can make this class enjoyable and fulfilling, even though it may be time-consuming. If you love creating art and are willing to commit the time, AP Art can be a rewarding experience!

7 months ago

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