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When do early application results come out?

I'm planning to apply to a few colleges through their Early Action/Decision programs. Does anyone know when I can expect to receive the results from these applications?

7 months ago

Early Action (EA) and Early Decision (ED) results typically come out in mid-December, averaging around December 15th. However, the exact date can vary from one college to another. To get more specific information, you may want to check each college's website or contact their admissions office.

One tip to keep in mind is that you should also pay attention to your email and college application portals during this time, as colleges tend to communicate important updates and decisions through these channels. Make sure you don't miss any important notifications by checking your spam folder for any misplaced correspondence. Finally, be aware of time zone differences if you're applying to colleges in other regions, as it may affect the time when the decisions are posted. Good luck with your early applications!

7 months ago

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