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How many extracurriculars do colleges want to see?

Hi everyone! I'm trying to figure out how many extracurricular activities I should be involved in for college applications. Is there an ideal number I should aim for or is the quality of activities more important? Thanks for any input!

7 months ago

Hey there! When it comes to extracurricular activities for college applications, there isn't a magic number that guarantees success. That being said, a typical profile of successful applicants to top colleges usually has around 8-10 total extracurriculars. Keep in mind that many of these activities might be seasonal (like sports), so it's not like you'll be participating in all 10 at once.

The key here is the quality of your involvement and how well these activities demonstrate your passion, interests, and leadership skills. Being highly-involved and dedicated to a few activities would be more impressive than participating in many without deep involvement. Focus on finding activities that you're truly passionate about and engaged in, rather than just trying to reach a specific number.

7 months ago

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