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Most Common Majors for Law School?

Hey guys, I'm a junior who's considering going to law school after undergrad. I've been wondering - what are the most common majors that students choose before going to law school? Any suggestions on what I should consider majoring in? Thanks!

7 months ago

Hi there! It's great to hear that you're thinking about law school after undergrad. While there isn't a specific major required for law school, there are certain ones that are more common among law school students and can be beneficial for future studies. Some of the most popular majors for law school applicants include:

1. Political Science: This major is an excellent choice for those interested in law, as it helps students to understand the political process, government systems, and various public policy issues.

2. English Literature: This major helps students develop strong reading, writing, and critical thinking skills, which are all essential abilities for law school and the legal profession.

3. Philosophy: Studying philosophy can help students sharpen their logical reasoning, analytical thinking, and argumentative skills, making this major a great fit for law school students.

4. History: A history major can provide a solid foundation in legal history and the development of legal systems, which can be valuable for understanding the context of current legal issues.

5. Economics: An economics major can be beneficial for understanding law in relation to the economic factors that influence legislation and policy, as well as providing a foundation for understanding financial and business concepts.

6. Sociology: Studying sociology can provide insights into social issues that often intersect with matters of law and justice, making this major a helpful background for understanding various legal situations.

Remember, these are just some popular options, but what's most important is to choose a major that you have a genuine interest in and will excel in academically. Law schools seek applicants with strong critical thinking, analytical, and communication skills, and there are a lot of different ways you can hone these abilities.

Ultimately, your academic performance and motivation in your chosen major will be more important than the specific field of study itself when it comes to law school admissions. Good luck with selecting a major, and with your journey to law school as a whole!

7 months ago

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