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What is a pre-veterinary track?

Hey peeps! I've been looking into careers in veterinary medicine and have heard of the 'pre-veterinary track.' Can someone please explain what it entails and how it's different from a pre-med or pre-vet major? Thanks!

7 months ago

Hello! A pre-veterinary track is a program designed to prepare students for pursuing a degree in veterinary medicine. Similar to pre-med, it's an advising track rather than an actual major. The pre-veterinary track includes the necessary coursework and experiences to make students competitive applicants for veterinary schools.

The primary difference between pre-veterinary and pre-med is the focus on veterinary medicine rather than human medicine. Pre-veterinary students will take courses related to animal sciences and veterinary medicine and often participate in internships or volunteer opportunities with animals, such as working at an animal shelter, veterinary clinic, or farm.

While there generally isn't a specific "pre-vet major," students on the pre-veterinary track typically choose majors related to the biological sciences, such as biology, animal science, or zoology. These majors usually cover the prerequisite coursework that veterinary schools require, like biology, chemistry, physics, genetics, and animal nutrition.

Another difference is that pre-veterinary students generally need to acquire more experience working with animals and veterinarians before applying to veterinary schools. These hands-on experiences help demonstrate their commitment and understanding of the veterinary field. Pre-med students should also have experience shadowing doctors, but their focus would be on human medicine settings.

It's essential to consult with an academic advisor or a pre-veterinary advisor at your college since the requirements for veterinary schools can vary. Your advisor can help guide you in choosing the right major, selecting required courses, and finding relevant internships and experiences.

In summary, the pre-veterinary track is designed for students who have a passion for animal healthcare, whereas pre-med is for those aiming to apply to medical schools for human healthcare. Keep in mind that "pre-vet" is not a major itself, but rather an advising track to guide students in fulfilling prerequisite courses and experiences required for veterinary schools. Good luck on your journey towards a career in veterinary medicine!

7 months ago

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