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Recalculated GPA: what's the deal?

So, I've been hearing about this 'recalculated GPA' concept recently. Does anyone know what it means and how it affects the college admissions process? I'm a little confused and would appreciate some clarification.

7 months ago

Recalculated GPA is a term used when colleges recalculate a student's GPA according to their own standards and criteria, rather than relying solely on the GPA provided by the high school. This is done in order to standardize GPAs across different schools and ensure fairness in the admission process since high schools may have varying grading scales or methods.

There are a few common ways colleges may recalculate GPAs:

1. Unweighted GPA: Some schools use weighted GPAs, which factor in the difficulty of the courses taken, such as giving additional points for honors or AP classes. Colleges may recalculate a GPA as unweighted, meaning all courses have equal value regardless of their difficulty. This is done to compare students on a level playing field, although course rigor is usually still taken into account separately.

2. Core classes only: While recalculating a GPA, some colleges focus on the core academic subjects such as English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Language. This excludes electives or other non-core classes, emphasizing the academic performance in subjects deemed most important for college readiness.

3. Standardized grading scale: High schools can have different grading scales, like 4.0, 5.0, or even 100-point scales. Colleges may recalculate the GPA onto a standardized scale, typically a 4.0 unweighted scale, to be able to compare applicants fairly.

In general, the recalculated GPA is calculated to better compare an applicant against other applicants, taking into account variations in grading systems and course selection across schools. It's essential to keep in mind that colleges look at various components in the applicant's profile, and the recalculated GPA is just one aspect of the overall evaluation.

When preparing your application, focus on strong grades in your core classes and challenge yourself with advanced courses to demonstrate your commitment and ability. While you can't control how a college recalculates your GPA, you can put forward your best performance through consistent hard work and dedication to your academics.

7 months ago

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