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What classes are required for med school?

Hi everyone! I'm currently a junior and I've been considering going to med school in the future. Can anyone help me with some information on the classes that are usually required for med school admission? Thanks in advance!

7 months ago

Hello! I'm glad to see you're planning ahead for your future. To prepare for medical school, there are certain prerequisite courses that most institutions require. While specific requirements can vary slightly from school to school, common courses typically include:

1. Biology: One year of general biology with lab work, often covering topics such as cell biology, genetics, and evolution.

2. Chemistry: One year of general chemistry with lab work, exploring concepts like atomic structure, periodicity, and basic chemical reactions.

3. Organic Chemistry: One year of organic chemistry with lab work, focused on the study of carbon-based compounds and their reactions.

4. Physics: One year of physics with lab work, covering topics such as mechanics, electricity, magnetism, and optics.

5. Mathematics: Many schools mandate coursework in calculus and/or statistics, though this can vary.

In addition to these core subjects, some medical schools might recommend or require additional coursework in areas like biochemistry, psychology, or sociology. It's important to research the specific prerequisites for each medical school you're interested in, as their requirements may vary. Also, don't forget to pursue relevant extracurriculars and research experiences to further strengthen your medical school application.

Best of luck in your journey towards medical school!

7 months ago

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