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Law Internships for High School Students?

Hi everyone! I'm really interested in law and want to get some firsthand experience. Does anyone know any law internships or opportunities that accept high school students? I'd love to get involved and start building my resume. Thanks for any suggestions you can give!

7 months ago

It's wonderful that you're exploring law as a potential career path in high school! As a high school student, you may face some limitations in securing formal law internships, but there are still opportunities to get involved.

First, consider contacting local law firms or family law offices to inquire about potential shadowing or intern opportunities. Many smaller firms can be open to allowing high school students to shadow attorneys or assist with administrative work.

Next, look into joining or participating in a mock trial or debate club at your school. While it's not an internship, these opportunities can provide valuable exposure to legal concepts and help you develop essential skills in the field. If your school doesn't have such a club, you could consider starting one yourself.

Additionally, summer programs are an excellent way to gain experience and explore law-focused coursework. Programs often take place at colleges or universities, and while they may not be internships in the traditional sense, they can provide valuable insights and experiences.

7 months ago

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