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Anyone know what PIQ 3 is all about?

Hi! I've seen the term 'PIQ 3' mentioned a few times, but I'm not exactly sure what it is. Can anyone help me understand what it's all about and why it's significant in the college application process? Thanks!

7 months ago

Hello! PIQ 3 refers to the third Personal Insight Question for the University of California (UC) application. The UC system asks applicants to respond to four out of eight Personal Insight Questions (PIQs) as part of their undergraduate application. Each response is limited to 350 words.

PIQ 3 specifically asks: "What would you say is your greatest talent or skill? How have you developed and demonstrated that talent over time?" This question aims to help the admissions committee understand your unique abilities and how you have grown and utilized them throughout your life.

Answering PIQ 3 effectively can help showcase your individual qualities and contribute to your overall application. As with all Personal Insight Questions, the key is to provide a genuine, personal, and thoughtful response that highlights your skills, experiences, and the impact you have made. When approaching PIQ 3, consider the following:

1. Focus on a specific talent or skill that is meaningful to you.

2. Demonstrate how you developed the talent/skill and any challenges faced along the way.

3. Share examples of how this talent/skill has positively impacted your life or the lives of others.

4. Be authentic and let your passion and enthusiasm shine through in your response.

Keep in mind that the UC system heavily relies on the PIQs to get to know you better as an applicant and understand your personal experiences, character, and goals. By answering PIQ 3 effectively, you can give the admissions committee a better sense of what you bring to the table and why you'd be a great fit for their campuses.

Best of luck on your UC application!

7 months ago

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