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What does 'test blind' mean in college admissions?

Hey everyone, so I've seen the term 'test blind' thrown around lately when talking about college admissions. Can someone explain what it means? Does it have any implications for those of us taking the SAT or ACT?

7 months ago

Hello! 'Test blind' is a term used to describe a college admissions policy where standardized test scores (such as the SAT or ACT scores) are not considered at all during the evaluation process. This means that, regardless of whether you submit your test scores or not, they won't impact your chances of getting admitted to the college.

This policy was adopted by some colleges due to concerns about test accessibility, equity issues, and the ongoing pandemic, which has made it difficult for many students to take standardized tests. Keep in mind, though, that 'test blind' is different from the term 'test optional', where schools give you the choice to submit your test scores or not, and they'll still be considered in the admissions process if you do.

For students taking the SAT or ACT, a 'test blind' policy might have less of an impact if you're applying to schools that either clearly state they won't consider these scores or if your scores are not one of your strongest points. However, it's still essential to focus on strengthening other aspects of your application, such as your GPA, extracurricular activities, essays, and letters of recommendation. Keep in mind that not all schools are adopting a 'test blind' policy, so it's crucial to research the requirements of each school you're interested in applying to.

7 months ago

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