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Where can I find the best summer programs in America?

I'm currently exploring options for summer programs across the United States. Can you share some of the most prestigious or popular summer programs for high school students, and what makes them stand out?

7 months ago

There are several prestigious and popular summer programs in the United States for high school students, spanning various fields of interest. Below are a few distinguished programs, along with reasons that make them stand out:

1. Research Science Institute (RSI): Operated by MIT and the Center for Excellence in Education, RSI is a highly competitive program where students engage in independent research projects under the guidance of experienced mentors. Its reputation is bolstered by the numerous student research projects that have won prestigious awards and recognitions.

2. Telluride Association Summer Program (TASP): TASP offers an academically rigorous experience, with seminars led by college and university faculty in subjects such as literature, politics, and philosophy. What makes TASP unique is its absence of grades or formal evaluations, encouraging curiosity and intellectual growth rather than competition.

3. Summer Programs for High School Students at Columbia University: These programs provide a taste of college life and academics with a variety of course options, from creative writing to neuroscience. Participants can experience Columbia University's world-class facilities and resources, as well as gain insight into the college admissions process.

4. Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes: Hosted by Stanford University, these programs allow students to dive deep into specific subjects like mathematics, computer science, and engineering. Students not only receive a high-quality academic experience but also have access to the university's resources and networking opportunities with professors.

5. The National High School Game Academy at Carnegie Mellon University: Geared towards students interested in game design, programming, and production, this program provides hands-on experience in creating game projects. The program's prestige comes from Carnegie Mellon's reputation as a leader in computer science and game design.

6. Summer@Brown Pre-College Program: Brown University’s pre-college program offers a wide range of academic subjects and elective courses, known for both rigor and creativity. Their open curriculum policy allows students to tailor their program to individual interests, simulating the experience of a Brown undergraduate.

7. If none of these seem quite right for you, consider checking out CollegeVine's blog, which has posts on programs centered on particular areas of study, and on those based in a particular city or state: https://www.collegevine.com/category/extracurricular-activities/internships

Before applying to any particular program(s), though, consider your interests and goals, as well as the program's financial cost and commitment. Remember that participating in a prestigious program isn't the only way to have a meaningful and impressive summer experience: part-time jobs, summer camps, and volunteering can also be valuable to your growth as a student and your college applications.

Good luck with your summer plans!

7 months ago

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