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Princeton Fly-In Program: What's it Like?

Hey all! I've been looking into applying to the Princeton fly-in program. For those who have participated in it, can you share your experience? What kind of activities/events did you partake in, and do you believe it's worth applying to?

7 months ago

Hello! I'm glad you're considering the Princeton fly-in program. Here's some information about what the program usually involves:

The fly-in program typically spans a few days and offers students the opportunity to experience life at Princeton. Participants get to attend classes, interact with professors and current students, attend info sessions about the admissions process and financial aid opportunities, and engage with various student organizations and clubs on campus. Students also have the opportunity to stay in a dormitory with a current Princeton student to truly get a feel for campus life.

Most participants find the program to be extremely helpful, and often a major factor in their decision about whether to ultimately attend Princeton. They appreciate the ability to make connections with admissions officers, learn more about the academic environment and resources available at Princeton, and have an immersive college experience that helps them decide if the school is the right fit.

While visiting any college in person is an ideal way to determine whether it's the right fit, the fly-in program enhances that experience by giving students more focused and in-depth exposure to the school, its community, and its resources. This more detailed information can be incredibly valuable as you make your college decision, so I highly recommend applying for the program if you're seriously considering Princeton. Just keep in mind that the application process for these programs may be quite competitive, as many of them provide limited spaces.

Good luck with your application, and I hope you find your time at Princeton valuable!

7 months ago

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