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Summer science camps for high schoolers?

Hey guys, I'm trying to find a fun and educational science camp to attend this summer. Are there any recommendations for camps or programs that cater specifically to high school students and offer a great experience? Thanks a bunch!

7 months ago

Hello! It's exciting to see that you're interested in science camps this summer. There are quite a few programs that cater specifically to high school students. Here are some recommendations:

1. Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institutes - This program offers courses in a variety of subjects, including science topics such as computer science, bioscience, chemistry, and physics. You'll have the opportunity to interact with like-minded students and engage with an enriching curriculum.

2. National Youth Science Camp - This highly selective camp accepts two students per state each summer, and it's a wonderful opportunity to explore science and technology in a beautiful setting (usually held in West Virginia). The camp is all-expenses-paid and offers a mix of lectures, hands-on activities, and outdoor experiences.

3. COSMOS - The California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science is an intensive four-week summer camp for talented high school students. The program takes place at multiple University of California campuses and offers a wide range of topics, from nanotechnology to environmental science.

4. iD Tech Camps - iD Tech offers a variety of STEM-focused camps across the country. Programs range in focus from coding and game design to robotics and artificial intelligence, catering to students with varying interests in science and technology.

5. MIT LaunchX - This is a competitive entrepreneurship program for high school students. While not strictly science-focused, it does offer opportunities for students interested in launching their own science or technology-focused startups to learn essential skills and connect with others in their field.

CollegeVine's blog also has a list of programs related to computer science (https://blog.collegevine.com/high-school-computer-science-summer-programs) and medicine (https://blog.collegevine.com/medical-internships-for-high-school-students/), if either of those more specific scientific fields interests you.

Remember to check each program's website for details on application deadlines, prerequisites, costs, and scholarship opportunities, as they may vary. Good luck, and I hope you have a fantastic experience at whichever camp or program you choose to attend!

7 months ago

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